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Hippie Kind of Monday

9:26:00 AM

Hi Sweets,

Did you have a good weekend? I got to go home and do my laundry, because let's be honest, I hate doing laundry in my apartment complex, the clothes don't get clean and the washers have been used by way to many other people. Other than that my weekend involved church and asian cuisine night prepared by my mama! I hope today brings you nothing but goodness to the start of your week, let's hope it goes by quick, I'm ready for spring break:).

I am still trying to figure out my blog postings and I decided I wanted to do a fashion post each week. Now, I am in no way a fashion expert or model but I have a love for shopping and finding looks for less. I think your style reflects who you are as a person and what you represent. I will admit, I am a huge comfy-kind of girl…there is nothing I love more than my pajamas and oversized t-shirts but there is a certain time and place for that. I find so much inspiration from my favorite blogs (see the sidebar) and I want this to be a place where you gals can find your inspiration as well. This outfit below has hints of spring but still conducive to the cold, frigid air here in South Dakota.

Shirt/Jacket (similar)/Necklace (similar)/Haute Hippie PantsBoutique Purse (similar)/Shoes
Makeup/Lipgloss: Head Turner

I really loved this outfit, it was so comfy and very versatile. Anything with pink, metallics, and leopard I'm sold! Just a side note, it was freezing while taking these pictures, and I was changing outfits in the car, ha ha! I work every other weekend so it was easier to take pictures of a couple of looks all in one day but boy it was chilly. These haute hippie pants are so fun, and you will never guess where we found them? They are originally $730 pants and we got them for $80 at our nearest T.J Maxx. Big score there, and on top of that they are so comfy and cute. 
What are your favorite outfits to wear that are versatile to all seasons? Have a good week sweets!


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