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Spring Break Getaway

10:58:00 PM

Hey Sweets!

For all those in school, we have hit that time of year...spring break. Many save up all year for this event…for me it is the halfway point to graduating and I cannot be more excited! My senioritis has officially commenced and we are in for real trouble. This year I am staying here in good ole' South Dakota, but the exciting news is my boyfriend is coming home! I am however, dreaming of far away islands and beaches in my head…so if I can live vicariously through you that would be great:) Anyway, I decided I should put together a list of things that I would bring on spring break if I were going on a trip that is. I love the idea of light layers and comfy, small wedges to walk around in. A camera is a must and a hat is a necessity.

1/2 (look alike)/3/4/5/6/7/8

As I was picking out these looks I tried to think back to my trip to Mexico in December. I wore a lot of fun cover-ups, sun dresses, and wore a hat everyday to protect my face! I do love being in warm weather, listening to the ocean crash against the shore, so cliche but so true. To all those going on a spring getaway…HAVE FUN!!

Have a good weekend sweets, talk to you Monday.


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