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Life Lately

12:20:00 PM

Hey Friends,

How has your life been lately? I'm starting to realize us bloggers are very selfish. I mean we sit here everyday and write a post about ourselves and barely ask you any questions, ummm rude. So I'm asking you…how's life lately? Give me details, stories, and more! While I patiently wait for responses, I will share with you what my life has been like lately…I know, I'm being selfish again, I just can't help it.

1. Life lately has been...

2. Life lately has been poopy. Literally. No, not me though. 
I get the pleasure to clean up the masses that my residents at the care center generate throughout the day. Most days I can handle it like no one else but other days I feel like a pile of poop myself due to what I have cleaned up. This is my general reaction whenever the "masses" occur, especially when the masses are on the walls, floors, bed, etc. It is pretty epic. 

3. Life lately has been tiresome. 

4. Life lately has me loving my hair. I mean I got this new conditioner and it's like silky and smooth all in one, shampoo companies are really stepping up their game. 

5. Life lately I have been wondering what goes through each of professors' minds when they assign homework. I mean, no I don't have five other classes and sure I will read 500 pages in this book. That will be a piece of cake.

6. Life lately has got me hungry. I mean lets have Kit-Kat, pea, and granola bar cereal with skim milk (of course) because they all sound really good and I can't choose just one. 

7. Life lately I have been reading my favorite blogs…these women are so established in the blogging community, they are pretty, they get free clothes, they are all married, and their website is totally cooler than mine. 

8. Life lately has got me feeling like I can tackle anything! *Cue pump-up music


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