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Life Lately

12:51:00 PM

Hey Sweets!!

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Today I am bringing you another life lately post, because well, life lately has just been chits, giggles, and chaos, so why not?

+ On my IG lately

Bright and Yummy eating.

+ Two 15-page papers due one day apart. 
**Excuse the profanity, my feelings towards this are very strong.

+Life lately I have been feeling like…

+A lack of sleep has been on my radar…

+My cooking has been very sub-par lately. Pea pizza? Sure. 

+When my Professor talks for what seems like two hours and it has only been 10 minutes…this is an everyday ordeal.

+Work has been extra fun lately, not stressful at all. 

+Let's give a big thank you to Rita Ora…she made my night much better:)

Peace Out Readers…Have a good Monday:)

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