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That Time I Was Hypnotized

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There are sometimes throughout life when we are constantly just going through the day-by-day motions; not really aware of our surroundings…we are so focused or so not-focused we are almost hypnotized. These past couple of weeks as I have been finishing school I have been completely hypnotized by all the homework and all the barriers that I have to jump through to get to the end. I find myself not remembering what is important in life or even what I had for breakfast (if I remembered to eat it) and this bothers me. Why do we get so distracted, or not distracted at all, during times of heightened stress, anxiety, or euphoria? We become hypnotized so our body isn't in a constant state of high stress or other emotion that us women tend to feel all the time.

This leads to me to my story; that time I was hypnotized. I am actually talking about my senior after prom party and a hypnotist came and hypnotized a huge group of us. I don't remember much but I do remember some things and it's pretty hilarious I might add. I will show you pictures that will explain it all, but the funny part is towards the end, the hypnotist snapped her fingers for us to become un-hypnotized and it didn't work for me. I remember being so happy and care free and I think my mind and body enjoyed it so much that they didn't want to lose that euphoric state. The hypnotist had to pull me and another gal aside to try to bring us out of these mental states and it still didn't really work for me. After the hypnotist left, the prom committee started calling names to collect prizes from all the games we had played. I was so overjoyed and excited that everyone was winning…I was cheering and clapping my hands!! It was such a fun moment. The next thing I remember is my best friend driving me home because the chaperones didn't want me driving, so much for my after-after party plans (just kidding). I went to bed right when I got home and the next day I was back to my old-self :(.

Anyway, after doing some research I found that a lot of people don't easily come out of hypnosis. Why you ask? Apparently their bodies have been in a state of stress and anxiety for so long that their mind's enjoy this sense of euphoria. Take for example war veterans. There have been some instances when they participate and they don't easily snap out of it, I can imagine why. I am in no way comparing my life to a war veterans' but when I look back I think of everything that I was going through, my parents were in the midst of a divorce, my friends and I were all moving different places, my boyfriend and I were putting more distance in the long distance relationship, and just that day I got in a brutal fight with my mom over my prom hair. (The woman who did my updo literally put a bird's nest on the back of my head, I was in tears and I took it all out, all $100 worth, oops). Needless to say, I quite enjoyed my time being hypnotized, and you shall too, let's take a look:

Sorry for the blurry photo… I think I thought something was really funny because I am laughing my butt off.

And again with the laughing.

Obviously there was dancing, and I rocked that gym floor. I even slapped my own butt. 

Not sure what this was about.

Ok so I know this one, we were driving in a car and a cop was chasing us and we were going through all sorts of cornfields and just when we thought the lost the cop, we see the red and blue lights behind us. You see the two guys next to me are thinking, "Oh Sh**" and I just burst into tears. I watched the video and the hypnotist came up to me and asked why I was crying and I cried out, "Because he caught me!" 

 More crying. 

 And more.

Now we had to pretend that our hypnotist was the worst hypnotist ever...

And then it got REALLY cold.

This is apparently us laughing at our knees. Our knees were telling us jokes and I just couldn't stop:)

A very bad small came into the gym. 

I am not sure what these last two are about because I can't remember but they are too funny not to post. 

The end result: the girl next to me on the bottom, well, we thought someone was dead because they weren't waking up. That's when our friends realized we weren't out of our hypnosis yet.


Thats all folks. In conclusion: I support hypnosis, everyone deserves happiness and even if it is only an hour where they are in a euphoric state, let them enjoy it. Another thing you should know, apparently people who are hypnotized don't do anything they wouldn't do in real life, just thought I should mention that one.


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