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Designer Looks For Less

12:31:00 PM

Hey Sweets!

Happy hump-day!

The temperatures are rising here in SoDak and I don't know about you but I still haven't done any spring or summer shopping! I am going into a bit of a panic mode because my spring and summer wardrobe is very small compared to my winter wardrobe so I am going to have to find looks for less so I can add multiple pieces to my closet! As you all know, I love reading my favorite blogs daily. The only issue is, most of these women have a career or have made a career out of blogging and have established an income. Well, not me. I am still in school, living in a one-bedroom apartment and paying piles of bills, needless to say my budget is not up to the standards to afford what my heart desires. (Kate Spade, Rebecca Taylor, Chanel, etc. etc.)

I am on a mission in the next few weeks to find looks for less. So today I posted a complete look for under $50!! Let's take a looksy:

1. Necklace is from Forever21 for $8.80.
2. This simple and cute tank top is also from Forever21 for $4.80. This tank works really well with a cute bandeau underneath and will look super cute tucked into the skirt pictured above. 
3. This is my favorite skirt! It's Kate Spade meets Carrie Bradshaw all in one and it is currently on the way to my apartment. You can find this adorable and super-chic skirt at Choies. I know some of you are weary to order from overseas but this site has a lot of designer look a-likes for a really great price. This skirt is $25.99.
4. Last but not least, some simple sandals to finish out the look. Once again you can find them here at Forever21 for $8.80!

The total for this outfit is $48.39!!

I have a love for designer things that are way too expensive; you could say it's a disease. Blame it on my mother. At the same time I like to think I am realistic about how I spend my money. Sure, there are definitely items that I will splurge on…especially if they will be worn or used a lot, but I think finding looks that are just as classy and chic for a lot less is just as awesome! Hopefully this skirt arrives in the mail soon because I will be mimicking this outfit I have posted above! What are your favorite items you splurge on and where do you try to save? 


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