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First Chinatown Experience

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I have never been to Chinatown before, let alone China, so I jumped at the chance when I heard there was one in L.A. Although this Chinatown wasn't very large it was full of culture and beautiful, vibrant colors. It is pretty interesting how in one city (L.A), there are many smaller cities with original culture from different countries. I visited Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Fashion District (mostly latino culture), and the Armenian part of the city. This city truly represents the "melting pot" of culture that the U.S has.

Have you ever been to Chinatown before? What was your favorite part?

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  1. AWESOME pictures. I visited Chinatown in NYC, but wasn't a fan. The yelling, screaming, and animals in the hot street turned me off. EEEK!

  2. Haha that would freak me out too!! This Chinatown was extremely mellow…I was surprised!