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Sprucing Up Your Workspace For Spring

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I have a deep, deep love for office supplies. This started at a very young age; my mom would always make it a "big deal" to go and pick out school supplies and I loved it. Choosing pencils, wide-ruled or college-ruled notebooks, what brand of crayons to get (crayola, all the way), always made me more excited for school. My love only grew stronger as I progressed through high school and college. You can bet when Target comes out with their supplies this year I will be there. Just because I am done with school doesn't mean I can't participate in the back to school festivities.

I decided that my workspace needed a little refresher this spring (to see a past update click here). I like to mix things up routinely, it helps curate more inspiration and motivation for me. There are a few things that are pretty easy to do that can make an overwhelming difference to you workspace. Let's take a look:

1// Add Fresh Flowers. I am the queen of using fake flowers around the house. Unfortunately, in South Dakota there is no place to buy simple flower bouquets all year round. Our local grocery sells flowers but they are ugly and over-priced. I take full advantage of the fresh flowers during the spring and summer months. Adding fresh flowers is one really simple way to brighten up your workspace and give you a little hint of beauty and inspiration.

2 // Switch Out Prints. I love prints…even more, I love being able to switch them out according to my mood or season. Below you will see a cute cactus, pineapple, and "Life is a Beautiful Ride" print. They add the perfect amount of spring to my space. 

3 // Update Your Notepads / To-Do Lists. If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with notepads, notebooks, sticky notes, etc. I have a box full of them….no joke. I decided that a new To-Do list would be a great addition so I can keep track of everything throughout the day. Emily Ley has the cutest one (it's pink!) and the paper quality is great. #win

4 // Buy A New Candle. Adding a different scent to your workspace is a good way to "change the scenery.". You work in the same place every day, look at the same thing, smell the same thing. Add a new candle and instantly you're  taken somewhere else. 

5 // Add Some Color. If you are finding your workspace too drab, colorless, or monochromatic, I challenge you to add a little color. Whether this be with flowers, a new print, a new notepad, or a great new storage box….just add something! Color is a great way to boost your mood and cultivate new inspiration in your little space.

6 // Invest In A New Planner. I am definitely a planner hoarder. I wrote this post a long time ago and I have added yet another planner to that mix, an Emily Ley planner. I about died when I saw the gold foil pineapples. #socute. If you don't use planners than try something new with your iCalendar or find a fun wall calendar to look at. Planners are a great way to get you excited about planning the future. This new planner doesn't start until August and I am already planning things months ahead because I can't wait that long to use it. If you want to go get some lunch, go on a coffee date, or go for a bike ride, let me know and I will pencil you in. Keep in mind we are planning for August people. 

Lamp is from T.J Maxx // Pineapple print
Capri Blue Candle, Volcano // "T" from Michaels Craft Store
Emily Ley To-Do List // Turtle Clip : Lot2029
Emily Ley Simplified Planner (sold out online, call Lot2029 to order!)
Planner, To-Do List, Pink Photo Box, Turtle Clip, Graphic Prints, and Volcano Candle are all from Lot2029.
Call or Visit them on Facebook. They will ship to you if you live out of town/state!

Sidenote: Most of the Emily Ley products are sold out online. If there is a local boutique that carries her stuff my recommendation is to try buying it there. Lot2029 has a lot of her stuff but only in a limited quantity! 

What are your tips and tricks for sprucing up you office space? 

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