Hermosa Beach Travel Diary Part 1 - Tay Meets World

Hermosa Beach Travel Diary Part 1

2:00:00 PM

I decided to divide my trip into two parts, it will be better for everyone involved. I also decided that I could write everything that happened but I chose to use photos; because again, it will be better for everyone. From the beach, to California Donuts, to the best mexican food ever…my vacation did not let me down.

This is a pelican yawning. GROSS, but somehow so interesting. 

Have you been on a vacation recently? Where did you go, OR, where are you going?

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  1. Love all the photos, I now feel like hot chips and doughnut

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! Wow! Glad you had a good time... looks like it was perfect! And I'm obsessed with your bag in that last picture; omg!

  3. haha! I could go for a doughnut as well. Well, I could always go for a doughnut!

  4. Thanks Lindsay!! I had a great time…it was a much needed time all to myself! Try Francesca's for a look alike bag. That is where mine was from and they always have something similar!