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Making Time To Paint (And Keep Up With) Your Nails

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This post may seem silly. The truth is, I get questions about my nails all the time.

"How do you have time for all of that?"
"Wow, you must have a lot of free time, how do you keep them so nice?"
And the list goes on. My nails generally stay the same color for a week/week and half, it depends on how much time I have. However, I have come up with routine that helps me keep up with them, and also change them (quite quickly I might add).

1 // Figure out the best time of day where you are not busy.
For me, that is at night. After dinner is made, cleaned up, my face is washed, and my teeth are brushed I have a good hour to do whatever I want. I like doing my nails before bed because generally everything I wanted to do during the day is done…this keeps my freshly painted fingers still. Also, my nails are dry before I go to bed so I then get another 7-8 hours of time for my nail polish to really set in.

2 // Find the best products.
You will see all of my favorite nail polishes/removers/tools linked below. Using something that I know works, makes this process a breeze. Find products that you like and stick with them…it will make settling into a routine a lot easier.

3 // Practice.
I have friends and family members that are really good at painting their nails. I have a few that paint  their entire pinky toe because they don't have the patience for that little nail. Either way, it takes a lot of practice to paint your nails "perfectly." Practice makes perfect.

4 // Keep up with your nails.
Try to keep your nails trimmed, cuticles back, and clean. If you add this to your daily routine it will make the time you have painting your nails go a lot quicker.

Essie Polish // Essie Luxeffects // Cotton Balls // No Chip Top Coat // Manicure Kit // Acetone Polish Remover

Above you will see some of my favorite nail products that I use. I have found that these work best for me. I don't only use Essie, but it is my favorite; OPI, L'oreal, and some other drugstore nail polishes work well too. 
What are your tips when it comes to painting your nails? Do you paint them often or find it takes too much time? 

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  1. I've always been hooked on OPI- maybe I need to make the leap into trying Essie! Your nails are so cute.

  2. they look great! i am a huge nail color person {gray, mint, and nude or my favs} your colors are beautiful and amazing advice- thank you! the gold is so fun- love that, too! i think practice is such a huge factor... i have def. been able to get better over the years. when i can afford it, i love to treat myself to a gel mani!

  3. Thanks Chelsea!! I am obsessed with nails:)

  4. I totally agree Nelle! I love how long the gel mani lasts…but it is certainly a treat:)

  5. Thank you!! I have some OPI colors too but for some reason I always find more colors I like with Essie!