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Picture Taking Tips and Tricks

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I am no expert at taking pictures. However, I do have a particular level of expertise when it comes to my attention to detail.  When I am taking pictures for the blog, or controlling the person behind the camera, I see and understand more than the big picture. One thing for sure is that I have learned (and am still learning) from the best. I have been reading and researching other blogs for awhile now and I look at all the details when it comes to their photos. What they all have in common are these three things: the photos are big, bright, and have a main idea/focus.

When taking your photos focus on these things below to achieve the best photos possible. These photos will also look ah-mazing when posted on your blog. 

1. Size and Brightness

When in doubt, choose the biggest and brightest pictures for your blog (or anything for that matter). You can use photoshop, camera editing software, iPhoto, or editing programs on the internet such as Picmonkey. Whatever you use, learn how to brighten the photos a bit (if the pictures need more light). When you post to your blog choose the largest size your photos can go to. (Does that make sense?)

2. The Main Idea
I always try to keep in mind when taking photos to keep things simple. When there is too much going on, the pictures become overwhelming. What are your tricks when you take photos? 

Another important thing to remember is that you don't have to have a nice camera to have beautiful photos. There are photos that I have actually printed and used for my gallery wall that have come from my iPhone (see below). It is important to remember when you are taking photos on your phone that you try different angles, focus on lighting, and look at all elements in the photo. The middle photo below is the only one that is edited (I brightened it up a bit), otherwise the other two were taken by me, making sure that the angle, lighting, and elements were all how I wanted them.

What are some tricks you have when it comes to taking pictures? 

Image Map

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