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Last Minute Gift Ideas

9:31:00 AM

If you're still finishing your holiday shopping, well, you're not alone. Most people are still picking up last minute gifts this week ha! I've rounded up a handful of hodge-podge gifts, all from sites that you can still order from to receive by Christmas Eve 😬. Some are geared towards if you need last minute "big" gifts, others are great if you just have no idea what to get!

1. Furbo Dog Cam & Treat Dispenser: I've heard nothing but great things about the Furbo. The cam allows you to check in on your pup and the treat dispenser will dispense a treat for your pup at the push of a button, how cute!? Buy it with Amazon Prime and have it here by Christmas Eve.

2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen, only $24.99): Hot deal! You can buy 2-3 Echo Dots and use them as intercoms in your house or have "surround-sound" and play music. Only $24.99 each and when you order with Prime you'll have them in no time!

3. Lake Pajamas (complimentary 2-Day Shipping by 12/20): The softest pajamas imaginable - you'll have to try it or gift it to believe it! Order by 12/20 and get complimentary 2-day shipping. Everyone can always use a pair of pj's, might as well gift them the best ones!

4. Diffuser: Hot deal - only $14.99! A very popular item on the market this year. This is a diffuser/humidifier combo. Buy with Prime and have it by Christmas Eve!

5. Samsung Frame TV (on major sale!): Ya'll, this is the TV I have in my living room. I don't watch a ton of TV but it's something I wanted at the beginning of the year and was gifted this! I knew I wanted a piece that didn't "look" like a TV - you can customize the photo to give the illusion it's actually art hanging. It's amazing and on sale like I've never seen before. A larger purchase but maybe this is the gift you've been looking for.

6. J.Crew Polartec Sherpa Fleece Half-Zip Hoodie (on sale for $68): Super cozy, super comfy. Order the Sherpa Fleece for your favorite gal by 12/20 to receive by Christmas Eve.

7. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager (only $49.99): This has blown up the internet. It's a craze for 80% of blogger and Kourtney Kardashian just sent it in her latest Poosh PR packages, it's that good. You can order off Amazon and receive by Christmas Eve - this may just be the perfect gift if you have no idea what to gift..

8. CozyChic Barefoot Dreams Throw: The best throw you'll ever have (or gift ha).

9. iPad 10.5 Inch (order by 12/20 to receive by Christmas Eve!): Target has a great selection of electronics this season. From iPads, Apple Watches, laptops, Google products, etc., order them by 12/20 and you'll receive before Christmas!

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