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Friday Favorites | 5 Things I'm Doing After Quarantine

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At this point, the only thing getting me through this "new normal" is living for the possibilities in the future. A job, haircut, going out to eat - all of those may seem mundane but oh how I long for them! For me to get through adversity, I have to look to the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, this may be our new normal but at some point, people and businesses and the economy will adjust. Once adjusted, this normal may seem more bearable. I do hope, that we get to a point where we can re-enter society as we previously did - maybe just more conscientious about hand washing. Until then, I'm looking forward to the below and holding out hope I will get to do these things once more...
1. Hair | Nails | Skin - My hair desperately needs cut. Waxed, massage, mani & pedi - those are all on the list. The ultimate self-care is awaiting at the end of this quarantine and I'm so here for it. Not to mention, I go to local small businesses for all of these things so let's boost the economy and get our hair, skin, and nails back on fleek.💁🏼‍♀️

2. Hugging All My Friends - I have missed a few opportunities to see my besties through all of this. I cannot wait to see them again, in person! Human connection vs. virtual connection is so.much.better. Never will I take that for granted again. 

3. Going Out To Dinner - Whether it's girls night, date night, I don't care I just want to get dressed up and go somewhere! I'm a busy body and I love to do new things, see new sites, try new things - that's impossible to do in quarantine unless we are talking about Netflix shows. 

4. Small Business Support (In Store) - Two of my favorite, local places are on the list to shop in person. One is a locally owned nursery, Bowood Farms - ya'll I love walking up and down aisles of plants and flowers. I'm not talking about the nursery section of Home Depot but a beautifully curated nursery that is retro and one you can spend hours in. I want to hand select a gardenia plant, drink a healthy smoothie, and take in all the floral smells. 

5. More Intentional With Time & More Aware Of What I Touch/Clean/Etc. - If you know me personally you may be laughing and thinking "she already does that." Well, yes, I'm a clean freak but I think just constantly being aware of how I'm impacting the environment and the people around me is so important. We can all benefit from a lesson is distancing, hand-washing, etc. 

What is the first thing you are doing post-quarantine?!

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