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6 Ways To Become a Pro Golfer

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Recently, I have taken up golf. I am not good, but I like to try (and think that I am). I do believe there are things you can do to make you look like you are a pro and things that even help you become a pro golfer.

1// Dress The Part 
Whether you wear a cute athletic outfit…or full on golf gear you will instantly look like you have some clue to what you are doing. And you will look super cute driving the golf cart or walking around the golf course.

2// Learn The Form
This one is tricky…I would suggest watching some youtube videos, asking someone who has played for many years, or reading a "How To Golf: For Stupids." I definitely wouldn't say that my form is perfect but it feels comfortable to me and that is what matters.

3// Drink
Drink beer, drink water, drink gatorade, drink Mikes Hard Lemonade. Just Drink. Some, think alcohol helps their game…it didn't help me but I sure had fun, and golfers have fun, so drink something!

4// Find Usable Clubs
Find some golf clubs that will really have you feeling professional. Don't go buy a brand new set, check Wal-mart, ebay, craigslist, garage sales, etc. Work on your game first, then go buy nice clubs. Having your own set, or even borrowing a set, will make you look like a professional because you have all the gear.

5// Wear a Glove
I have no clue what the glove does, but it looks cute, and it looks like you know what you are doing. The women's gloves come in cute colors too, mine is pink and white, which makes it all the better!

6// Wear a Hat
This will protect your face from the sun but will also help you "see where the ball is going better." Actually that is not true but a hat looks more professional so wear one. They are relatively inexpensive as well.

xo, Taylor

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