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Fashion Photo Bloopers

3:00:00 AM

Sometimes, Adam takes my pictures and most of the time when my picture is taken, I smile nicely. Other times, I close my eyes, talk, dance, air kick, make faces, or just simply not pay attention. I suppose I could do a better job trying to pose and smile, but what's the fun in that? :)

Probably talking to the dog…something that happens very frequently.
 Now that's a good apple...
Er Me Gersh….LEAVES!!
Trying to do a cute pose? Or dancing?
It was either really windy or I had to use the bathroom…#youllneverknow
Lol, my face has never been revealed on this blog before. Never, ever!

I know I have mentioned this on the blog before, probably on one of these posts, but something I am always doing is comparing myself to others. I easily feel inferior when I see someone else achieving great things, or I feel like I've failed if I have not accomplished something I wanted to. I have spent hours contemplating why it really matters and why I care so much. These kinds of posts help bring me back to reality a bit. I am not perfect, I cannot compare my story to others' story. 
We are all different, we all matter, and we all have different chapters in our book of life. I love reminding myself that. Someday, I will get to a place where I am content, until then, I will do my absolute best to support others, pray, and constantly remind myself that all will be okay.

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