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Inspiration & Motivation For The Dreamer & Doer

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I started reading a book the other day (I know, impressive right?). I actually love to read but I rarely find the time, however, I made an exception with this book. As of late, I am been longing for more in my life. Being a dreamer, I am always thinking about what I could have, what I want, goals I want to achieve, and hurdles I want to overcome. I am in a stage in my life where I am not quite sure where I am going but I am also not quite sure if I am lost. I know what I love to do, and I know what I want to do, it's just getting there that is the challenge. I needed to find something that I would motivate and inspire me to keep persevering, even in the trying of times.

I have always tried to fill my home with inspiration. From pretty desk scenes, comfy living room options, and motivational quotes all around. It's no doubt I receive a great boost of energy when I come home…but something is still missing. I realized that I have been over-analyzing, planning, and strategizing the building blocks of my life for far too long. I forget to live in the moment, enjoy the now, and be grateful for what I have. It's a bummer really, to think that we tend to spend so much of our time worried about certain "stressors" in life. Why can't I be that gal that turns raindrops into roses? Well, with this book I am reading…I am not necessarily performing magic acts, but I am feeling more motivated, and rejuvenated.

With the holidays approaching quickly, I want to approach the season with a strong head on my shoulders and clear vision of life. Praying daily, enjoying the moment, and cherishing everything I have is extremely important in achieving this.  I can only hope that after I finish this book, I can go back and read it over and over, soaking in all the necessary points to grow.

If you are looking for inspiration, are stuck in a rut, or just need to find more…I am definitely going to recommend this read! From one dreamer and doer to another, keep on keeping' on…we will get there, eventually:).

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