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Hair Products For Silky, Smooth, Tamable Hair

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My hair is naturally straight with one texture, smooth. Some people would love this, I however, do not. I have the hardest time styling my hair, it lacks volume, texture, and a natural curl. I have found some products over the years that have become "essential" for keeping my hair healthy and aid in styling my hair so it no longer lacks luster. 
1 // For starters, I don't use a brush on my hair. I prefer to use a wide tooth comb and a smaller tooth comb. Knots are easily detangled when my hair is wet or dry and since I brush top to bottom, I have less hair breakage. 
2 // Next, after my hair is thoroughly combed, I spray TRESemme Thermal Creations. I have used this heat tamer for a few years now and love it! A couple of things: it smells great, protects my hair from heat damage, and maintains my hair style throughout the day. 
3 // This next product I actually tried when I was going on vacation. I loved it so much in the travel size that I purchased it right away when I got back! Garnier Fructis Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream works well at controlling frizz, dry hair, and those "bad hair days." I work this into my hair when it is wet and I usually only apply it to the ends of my hair, as those are the problem areas. Oh, and it smells heavenly!
4 // Next, I use a sea-salt spray to add some texture to my locks. I switch off between John Frieda Sea Waves and TRESemme Perfectly Undone. I also use these products when my hair is wet or after I have curled my hair. Tip: if you have very smooth hair use these sprays when doing an up-do, top knot, braid, etc. They help keep your hair in place because there is actually some texture to keep the strands together! 
5 // I would say my go-to products of choice are TRESemme, especially the extra-hold hairspray and mousse. They are kidding when they say "extra-hold." I love that my hair isn't crunchy or greasy after using them. My hair holds well and I rarely have frizz or dry hair since using all of these products!

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