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Stripped Ruana

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I was browsing through T.J Maxx the other day when I came across this stripped ruana (another term for poncho!). I obviously did not need to add another blanket poncho/cape/ruana to my wardrobe but this one is a lot different then what I have! I love the subtle hues and stripes. It is more thin than other ponchos I have so I threw on a light sweater underneath. 
I am also keeping the flares in town by wearing them at least two times a week. I cannot get enough, I am thinking I was born in the wrong decade!
Poncho, different color, same style! // Flare Denim // Booties // Sweater (old)

On another note, I did a lot of updating to the blog this weekend! Under the shopping tab you will find a lot of things that I am crushing on. If you check out the home decor and beauty tabs you will find previous posts for those categories! I really wanted to have a place where everything was kept together. More often than not, I am reading a blog and I want to read a previous post but it takes me forever to find it and/or get to it! Let me know what you think.

Have you added any ruanas to your closet lately?

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