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Blooper Reel

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Most days, I think it's a good idea NOT to take yourself to seriously. I catch myself about 80% of the day way too stressed out and serious. I strive for perfection, something that is unachievable and I forget to take a step back and just live. Adam takes my photos and while a lot of photo sessions we have are rushed due to lack of time, others are just chalk full of bloopers. I figured, instead of letting them sit on my hard drive, I might as well share them with all of you.
Lately I have noticed a significant lack of creativity, motivation, and all around happiness in my life. I think I am taking on too much and not focussing on the things that matter the most. I am the type of person who is fueled by doing what I love...and one of those is blogging. I can only hope that I will have more time in the next coming weeks to do more of what I love and achieve more of these blooper photos.

Squats or attempting to pull my pants up? 

I was apparently disgusted with something...I'm assuming it was the wind. #howrude 

I like to sleep...a lot. Even when we take pictures I always manage to get 95% of them with my eyes closed.

I realized I have the feet of a duck. P.S How uncomfortable does this look?

Oh look at me I can balance on rock. Adam was so pleased that I was wasting his time practicing yoga in 20 degree weather:). 

I know these may seem silly and odd, but I think it's so important to remember that we are all striving for the same thing. We all want to be accepted, appreciated, loved, taken care of, admired, wanted, etc. It may seem like some people have it all together, but they more than likely don't, and that's okay. I myself don't have it all together. There are days when I wish I could crawl back into bed, days when I break down, days when cookie dough is my saving grace, and others where I am too stressed to do anything. I'm still learning to take things day by day, pray more, and remember that I matter...and what I do matters, and the same goes for you.

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