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Lace & Leopard In The City

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More often that not, I reach for ultra feminine pieces in my closet (such as this lace top) but I tend to pair these pieces with something more masculine (see this post and this one). There is something about something this combination that is comfortable, simple, and not too put together that I love. I am obsessed with the Who What Wear line at Target. From this sweet lace top to this rocker chic leather jacket the whole line is playful and easy to wear. 
Let's talk about these sunglasses for a hot second. My go-to place to find sunglasses is T.J.Maxx, it's one of those accessories that I have a hard time splurging on but I still want good quality. These Cole Haan sunglasses were $16 and while I haven't decided if I'm in love with the shape, the quality is amazing and they fit perfectly! #winning
These shoe dupes have been on my "must-have" list for at least a year now. The original Valentino heels are absolutely stunning but way out of my price range. DSW carries a great variety of BCBG high heels and these were recently marked 40% off! While they may not be the originals they are pretty amazing in my book, and they look great on!

On another note, life has been extra rough lately. You know those weeks where you feel like you are taking punch after punch? I've had one too many and it only seems to be getting worse. I have such a bad tendency to get in my head and be my worst enemy. Comparing myself to others, feeling like a failure, and not allowing myself to take risks. It's times like these where I really appreciate all of the simple things in my pup, a home-cooked meal, or a sunny day. I am hoping that I can get out of this funk and things will pick up. 

Any advice for my pre-mid-life crisis?

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