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Books For The Dreamer & Fashionista

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Growing up, I read so many books. I loved reading...I always felt like it was my safe haven. If things were difficult or I just didn't want to deal with the outside world, I would hide behind a book and get lost in the pages. I would then go to bed dreaming of far away places and fairytales, cliche right? Well, now that I have been working a 40+ hour week I haven't had as much time to read as I would like. Thus, I have been trying to find books that are easy to get into, that way I can get back into reading easier. 
Over the past couple of months I have picked up a few that I had to share. If you are a dreamer, doer, go-getter, prayer, fashionista, lover of life, etc., then these are for you! I love books that make me instantly feel inspired and motivated. Sure, I love a good fiction book but I think as of late I am more into books that are applicable to my everyday life. I don't feel as guilty reading one of those books because I have high hopes that I can actually apply them to my everyday life. 
I am always looking for different books and there are still so many I want to get. If you have read any good ones, comment below so I can check them out!

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