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Wrap-Tie Stripe Shirtdress

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Let me start off by telling you that I love dresses, however, I run into problems when it comes to the style of dress. I hate my love handles and I rarely wear tight clothing, I love pieces that are flowy, comfortable, and easy to wear. Well, my friends I have found just the dress...the wrap-tie stripe shirtdress. Not only is it a shirtdress (which I love) but it wraps in the front to accentuate the hips and disguise "the pooch" and love handles. This is the perfect dress for weekend errands, road trips, brunch with girlfriends, or browsing the farmer's market. Not to mention, I bought the dress on sale and it's so comfortable I feel like I can get a lot of wear out of it.
Here's my thought, you know how most of us gals wear sarongs whenever we go the pool or beach? We wear them because they are still flattering but they hide some things that maybe we aren't 100% comfortable showing. Same goes for this dress! It has the feel and style of a sarong but I still feel like it is flattering to my figure. If you are having doubts, I recommend you just go try one on!

Have you tried a wrap-tie dress? What do you think!?

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