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What I Want At Our Wedding

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I'm going to admit, I have a strong case of the wedding blues. We have both been so incredibly busy any wedding planning has been non-existent. It makes me sad because I was so excited to start planning. Life happens and with that things get pushed to the side. As we continue to push the planning aside our wedding date will unfortunately get pushed back as well. I am trying to pick up the pace and start the decision making process. I came up with a list of things I know for sure I want at our wedding, besides close family and friends of course. I figured this is a good place to start, and for now, it's as good as it's going to get!

1 // Beautiful Flowers.
Some people will say this is an added expense, or a ridiculous place to spend money. Well, I love flowers. They can instantly add romance, happiness, and vibrance to any setting. I have decided to take on the challenge of doing my own arrangements and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I love arranging bouquets. The Saturday farmer's market has become a prime place for me to practice!

2 // Killer Shoes.
Let's be honest, shoes are important. Some women keep things simple and chic with a beautiful white or ivory pair. Some women go bolder and add blue to their feet. I want to go all out. I'm thinking Manolo's, Sophia Webster, Kate Spade, you name it. I know, another unnecessary added expense but I will treasure these shoes for as long as I live, and I already have a savings started.

3 // Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses.
For as long as I can remember, I've loved the mismatched bridal look. I want every bridesmaid to wear the style of her choice (the one that fits her best), and the colors will be in the same realm but not all the same. I think sticking with pastels/neutrals is the look I'm going for. ASOS and Anthropologie have beautiful options, have you ever taken a look?

4 // A Unique Venue.
This is a hard one. I am that girl that loves something different. There are unfortunately not a lot of options for wedding venues in South Dakota but I am determined to find something that not many people have done. It's not that I don't like the venues that are offered...I just have a specific venue in mind and it is hard to change my mind once I have decided! I will keep you posted on how I'm doing in this area but I have a feeling this is one piece of the wedding puzzle that will be a major hold-up!

5 // Amazing Photos.
You can probably imagine that I am picky when it comes to photos. We are always taking pictures for the blog and each time we try to get better and think out of the box (this is hard to do when you live in Iowa...there are not a lot of options). I want our engagement photos to be out of the box and picture perfect, mostly because we barely have any photos together! Not to mention, during the ceremony and reception I want photos taken of everything. It will be hard to find a photographer that meets my standards that is not way expensive. Why do I have to be so particular?!

Well, there you have it. Those are my must haves. It's daunting just looking at the list but I am certain that once the big day comes, everything will come together beautifully. 
Any wedding planning tips or tricks you have to share?

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