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4 Ways To Wear Leopard To Work

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If you've been here a time or two, then you know that I consider leopard print a neutral basic. Whenever I need a neutral piece, whether a top, cardigan, scarf, flat, skirt, etc., I will always reach for leopard print. What can I say? I got it from my mama - ha!

A lot of gals shy away from a print such as this, it can definitely be bold. I wanted to share that there are multiple different options to wear this pattern - and you can start small! I love being adventurous with workwear. If you are going to be in business casual or business professional attire 5 days out of the week, shouldn't you dress in a way that sparks your motivation and fuels inspiration? I'm not saying I don't love a good, black, power suit - but there is something so amazing in a woman that can demand attention in a room when she dresses bold and pushes fashion limits (such as this pink power suit). With that, here are 4 ways you can wear leopard to work - I dare you to give it a try. 😉

1. Shoes
- We are starting off small, a hint of print on the shoe! This was my go-to last year. The company I worked for wanted us to stick to basic colors so I always wore my leopard print shoe to jazz things up a bit. I also love the heel on this, it's about 1-1.5 inches and the block heel makes it much more comfortable to walk in.

You can also pair the outfit with some leopard print flats, I would switch between the two depending on what I was doing at work. Rothy's has an adorable pair of leopard flats - that are washable and made of recyclable material I might add.

2. Blouse
- A bit more bold but easy, especially layered underneath a cardigan or blazer! I'm obsessed with this bow-tie top from J.Crew Factory. I wear it tucked in for work and have untucked it and paired with jeans for weekend attire.

3. Pants
- Printed pants for the win, these are incredibly comfortable and I don't feel like the print is too overpowering, especially when paired with a black or neutral top.

Tip: One key-way to "downplay" a bold print is by pairing it with darker colors. The contrast helps reduce noise and vibrancy...so to speak😊.
4. Skirt
- My favorite look - the pencil skirt. Ladies, if you haven't tried a pencil skirt...or better yet, a printed pencil skirt you are simply missing out. Pencil skirts are flattering on all body types and a printed pencil skirt is a fun way to amp up your office-attire wardrobe. I played up the leopard print with my pink collarless blazer. Shop the widget below for some leopard print pieces!

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