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A Letter To The Little Me

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Dear Little Tay,

Just look at that infectious smile…it really was contagious. And oh, how happy you were…all the time. Well, it was just you and your mom until you were six…you played that over well, but you stepped into the big sister role well. Your days consisted of singing JoDee Messina and Shania Twain and dancing all over the place. Mom did a really good job doing your hair and dressing you cute…thanks for helping big Tay out with her style. Who knows where she would be today if it weren't for you. And don't worry little Tay, you eventually do like your sister…but Big Tay has a lot of making up to do since you terrorized that poor girl when you were little. Teen Tay was probably the worst. And oh! I almost  forgot little Tay, you eventually get a baby brother…teen Tay does an excellent job at taking care of him and giving him lots of grandma kisses. 

I must say, thanks for giving teen Tay and big Tay a dose of reality. You always lived life to the fullest and even when you were a toddler and you tumbled all the way down grandpa's stairs, you only came out with a little bloody nose. We are proud of you. You were pretty sneaky back in the day; teen Tay and big Tay hold up their end pretty well too. That one time, when you drew all over the white wall with a permanent marker, yeah, it took mom and dad awhile to figure out who did that. Good for you! Mom and dad still don't know that teen Tay and big Tay have found their Christmas presents almost every year…it's our little secret.

I must also mention, Barney is no longer a big deal…I don't even think they play his shows anymore:(. Don't worry though, big Tay always stands up for Barney when others say he turned out gay and he was stupid. I know he was your favorite and he taught you a lot; no matter what Barney was, he was sure a good role model for you. Let's be honest, the only reason big Tay graduated college with a degree in Chemistry is because of you; because you were so insistent on watching Barney all the time. Big Tay thanks you for that. 

I better wrap this letter up, big Tay has to head to work…thanks little Tay for all the great memories. Oh, one more thing, Halloween is on Friday, have you decided on a costume? Big Tay highly suggests that you don't let your mom and your little sister rope you into being your little sister's side kick this year. That one year she was Woody and you were Jessie, well she got all the attention. Pick a good one…I'm sure you will little Tay. 

Love you lots,


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  1. Awww I love t hat picture! I hope you've kept that infectious smile. I had one too that I've kept for the most part ;)

  2. Thanks!! The smile is still there…I try to keep it up:) Yay for keeping our infectious smiles!!