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My Favorite Childhood Memory

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I know as I child I had a lot of fun memories; the one that sticks out the most is dance. I took dance for years…my mother had me starting when I was 3 or 4. I know I didn't always like going to dance, there were times when I hated it; but I look back now and only wish that I would have stuck with it. The costumes, the music, the friends you made…all so much fun. I was looking through my scrapbooks and found quite a few dance pictures so I obviously have to share!

This recital brings back some memories of someone running off stage, I don't remember if it was me or someone else but all I know is, a little boy kept trying to be by me once we were on stage and I was getting quite mad. Not sure if I ran off stage or if someone else did…it's a mystery and it's all that little boy's fault (lol). 

So this recital was quite funny…we had to hop out on the stage with our basket full of eggs. I am pretty sure (if I remember correctly), I was hoping along and my eggs fell out of my basket and all of the sudden a swarm of tiny bunnies were picking them all up and fighting over whose eggs they were! Umm, they were mine you rude bunnies. Pretty sure the audience had a nice laugh…and at least I was a cute bunny.

Didn't want to take these pictures whatsoever. You can still see the remains of tears.

What's your favorite childhood memory?!

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