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Believe Me, I'm An Expert

11:06:00 AM

Today is Blogtober day 17!! Can you believe that it is already the 17th day in October? I am frankly flabbergasted…where did this month go? I am totally okay with it however because that means Christmas is closer.

I was thinking about things that I am an expert at; I decided to compile a list together for you so you would have a better idea;)

I'm an expert at….

// singing in the shower. Seriously, every time, I am sure our neighbors are stoked they live by a world-renowned opera singer.

// doing projects for SUPER cheap. You would be surprised how many cute projects you can do by shopping at the Dollar Tree and dollar section at Target.

// crying. Th other night I was having a moment and bf said, "Taylor it's too late to be dealing with your crying right now." Keep in mind that I am not a drama queen…I am just very sensitive….

// making a latte. I make the best caramel lattes, come over and I will whip one up for you!

// cleaning; I clean so well it's obsessive.

// organizing…but really, this one is important. I am only an expert at this because I started rearranging and organizing my room when I was 8 years old. I would lock myself in my room, turn on Britney and Shania and organize until dinner time. My parents then hired me to start doing my sister's room.

// chipping my nail polish. Okay, how do some people have time to paint their nails a new color everyday AND how do they not chip them!? My chipped polish looks horrific in photos but I just can't figure it out…any suggestions?

// Christmas. From the elf on the shelf, watching Christmas movies, singing carols, baking cookies, decorating, wrapping presents, ice skating, playing in the snow, throwing an awesome holiday dinner, partying on New Years Eve, and rocking my birthday…I am an expert at the Christmas season. It's amazing.

I better stop while I'm ahead…this post is heading towards "the self-centered post" and that is one thing I don't want to be an expert at!

Happy Blogging Friends!

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  1. Haha I love these! A caramel latte sounds wonderful right about now!