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Demi Lovato World Tour and The Radiant Collection

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Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Demi Lovato World Tour concert here is Sioux Falls. All I can say is Christina Perri, Spencer West, and Demi killed it!! I was blown away by not only how talented Christina and Demi are but by how well they performed live. They were incredible. 

I was given two tickets from The Radiant Collection by Tampax and Always who partnered with Demi to be the official sponsors of her world tour. When we arrived at the venue, my sister and I headed for the Be Radiant closet where I got to meet the FABULOUS Michelle and her Be Radiant team (from New York)! The one thing that really stuck with me was when Michelle introduced me, "as the blogger." I was in shock, people actually know my blog is out there…people in New York too!! Gahhh!!

Anyways, my sister and I toured the super cute closet and we took photos in the photo booth. 

We took our seats…which were AMAZING btw…and waited for Christina Perri. I have never seen her in concert and all I can say is that I have missed out…BIG TIME! She was absolutely adorable; bopping around stage. Her personality was so bubbly and she smiled the entire time. I sound like I am writing a romance novel but she was seriously that good. Her live singing sounded just like the radio version…if not better. 

We then had the chance to watch Spencer West speak. His story is truly amazing. He is a man, with no legs, that has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. His positive outlook on life was truly breathtaking and I was heartbroken that he had to suffer the realms of bullying simply because he didn't have any legs. Spencer is a warrior, and it was so delightful to see someone rise above their past and become a warrior for their future.

And finally it was time for Demi to hit the stage…she looked amazing! Im talking leather, studs, blue hair, and combat boots. Not only that, I was impressed with her live singing, so good! (Sorry for the picture quality.)

Since I can't seem to upload any videos here are some of my favorites she sang last night, "Let it go" and "Neon Lights."

And now I will flood you with pictures…

We tried to channel Demi in our outfits; I went with the leather and Maddie went with the fishtail braid. Classic.

To say we had fun would be a lie. We had the BEST TIME EVER! I love going to concerts with my sister, we don't get to see each other a lot and concerts are kinda our thing. 

Thank you Tampax, Michelle, and her team from New York!!!

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  1. What a great experience! I saw and met Demi Lovato back in her Disney days and I loved her concert. It's so cool that you got to tour her closet!

    Katie Petty

  2. Seems like a great concert and an awesome experience!

  3. It was! Christina and Demi were sooo good live!

  4. Thanks!! I am still freaking out about it…such a cool experience and I can only thank all the bloggers and blogs that I read and your design…seriously!!

  5. Fun!! I loved her back in her Disney days…then again they all grow up:)