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Finding Your Path

3:27:00 PM

Things have been rough as of late. I have been stressed to the max and its effecting everything; my relationships, my work, my confidence, my positive outlook on life. It's hard being "stuck;" unsure of where you are heading and not happy with where you are. There is only so much planning, praying, wishing, over-thinking, and analyzing one person can do before they need a break and today I was at that point. I decided to take the camera for a spin and I took a walk…a long walk. I didn't think about all the stressors in my life but instead I just tried to find the beauty in the world.

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is your favorite quote…I think this one is pretty fitting and it's by none other than the magnificent Dr. Suess:)

Now on to silly pictures...

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