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Shall We Star In A Movie?

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Ok, so today's Blogtober prompt is who you would play in a movie. I decided to take a quiz on Buzzfeed because well, they are right about everything.

I always use emoji hearts…this one was a given.

I used to play the violin…and hated it; but now I have mounds of respect for people who play and are spectacular…the sound is chilling.

Only because it sounds good right now.

I'd like to think I am passionate.

I was totally going to choose gloss but then I decided that sounded too much like a drag queen club and I wanted the club to be open to all types of humans.

I would jump on the first flight there if I could…a total dream of mine!

This is the only team I really recognized so naturally I chose them.

I love penguins. Are they really sea creatures though??

Given. Can't live without it. Well, I probably could but I love it too much.

I am flattered that Tina Fey would play me in the movie version of my life but…..I am really not that funny and I really do take life seriously all the time. Well, in any case yay for Tina Fey!! Ok, I want to know what actress would play you in your movie version of your life. Take the quiz now!

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