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More Storage Please + Embarrassing Moment

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Today's Blogtober prompt is "Your most embarrassing moment." I immediately knew what mine was but it's too horrific to blog about. We are talking Defcon 1 embarrassing. Let's just say it involves Aunt Flow from Redcloud, science class, and a whole lot of students.

Moving on; you all know I love storage…and polka dots, but mostly storage. See this post for more storage ideas! I visit our local Michael's craft store every other week and this week I found the most adorable adhesive fabric. I knew immediately that I wanted to create a cute storage box to keep on my desk. I feel like you can't have enough storage and even if some boxes are not being used remember that Christmas is approximately 56 days away, so eventually you will fill that box.

To start the project you will need:
// Adhesive Fabric
// storage box
// ribbon
// hot glue gun
// scissors
// pencil

I had leftover ribbon from another project and the glue gun; the storage box I picked up was $2.49 and I received 50% (originally $9.99) off for the adhesive fabric (find coupons!) so this project was very cheap!!

This fabric makes me swoon…I had to show you a closer look.

Ok, so this project was a bit more tricky then I anticipated. You can just slap the fabric on and call it a day because the storage box is a "box" and that means: corners. 

1. Measure the length of the height of the lid (does that even make sense?). This way you will form a small square in the corner of your fabric…this square will be cut out so you can nicely attach your fabric to the box without any wrinkles.

Here is an example of my outline. Remember, the small squares in the corners will be cut out. 

2. Cut the squares off each corner and carefully fold down the fabric, pulling gently as to release any air bubbles.

And wahlah! The lid was pretty easy so I decided to follow the same steps for the box itself.

Do you see how the corners of the fabric were trimmed so I could nicely place the fabric on the box without any wrinkles? Now, please do not think I do every project perfectly because this happened next:

3. I was on the last "side," and the fabric crinkled and I essentially had to recover the box. All I did was measure the height of the side and cut the fabric that height and slapped it on. I then cut a slit in the corners so I could fold them down nicely.

4. Next, I attached ribbon to the lid with the hot glue gun; the ribbon helped cover up some not so pretty corners and any mistakes I made. 

And that's it!

Can you spy any other gold polka dots? I have a real problem. 

Let me know if you try a project like this…I want to see your results!

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