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10:35:00 AM

I love social media, specifically, Instagram. In yesterday's post you saw that the one thing I couldn't live without is my camera ergo, Instagram is my favorite because it is all pictures!!

I was scrolling through my instagram trying to find my favorite picture and these are some I found:

This is Sven, the reindeer from the movie Frozen. My little brother made it for me in art class at school…the yellow is pee snow. Priceless

You saw this earlier this week but its too good not to share again. We took a free Christmas tree and made off like bandits. Sadly, there is free stuff alongside the road all over in South Dakota…I guess our motto in this state is, "if you don't want it, throw it on the curb and slap a 'fo free' sign on it," it will be gone within the hour. 

Today is exciting, we are going to the pumpkin patch!! It is obviously a fall tradition and perfect blog post so why not? Have a great weekend friends!!

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