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Best and Worst Vacation

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I wouldn't say I have had an absolutely terrible vacation. But there have been some vacations that have been pretty miserable. I'd say one of my least favorite vacations was our family trip to Disney World.

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid holiday lover. I blame my family because they always put so much emphasis on the holidays: decorating, family time, embracing the traditions and so on. With that being said, my family decided we were going to Disney World over Christmas. I was mortified because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I all the traditions that come with. In any sorts, we packed our bags and headed for Florida. Our faces in the picture below share exactly how we are feeling…one hormonal teen (me), one spoiled, seven year old with every allergy imaginable, and one two year old who was busy and needed lots of attention.

We all look like hell, forcing smiles. My sister has battled terrible allergies, eczema, and asthma her whole life and I was about ready to throw her in the ocean on this trip (sorry sis). She was itchy and miserable…back in the day there were not a lot of food options that were gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. But she only wanted to eat french fries and corn dogs…so finally my parents said "screw it" and let her eat all the corn dogs she wanted…we just had to suffer the consequences later. 

My aunt and uncle came with and they tried so hard to get me to have a good time. My aunt even got her face painted to match mine. But why? Why, why, why did my family let me walk around looking like this? (See Below)

It looks like Elsa, from the movie Frozen, attacked my face. And look at that smile…so happy (akward stage, judge away). The worst part of the trip is that I was adamant that I wanted gifts from Santa that were not from Disney World. Sure enough I woke up Christmas Day with mickey mouse ears, a Minnie Mouse water bottle, and disney princess t-shirt. I was pissed; Santa was not on my good list. And no, I am not stupid, I knew at 13 that Santa wasn't real but my siblings didn't, so I played along (and didn't mind…I love Santa!).

Let's make a note that painted faces, middle school tshirts, and white sunglasses are not cute and never were. Thanks mom for letting me look silly in Disney World. 

I wouldn't say that there has been one vacation that is the best…they all go wrong, people always fight, and I usually cry, at least once. However, I would say that my vacation to Cabo last year was pretty great, thanks to the beach and endless shrimp.

Let's just say cheers to all the vacations I have ahead, and let's hope that even if they are bad they I will get good pictures so I can post them on dee blog. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cabo is totally on the bucket list for me! Mexico in general, really. Love your blog! New follower for sure. :)

  2. So sorry that your Disney trip was so awful! But I'm also glad you had such a great time in Cabo! It looks like y'all seriously had a blast! And I'm super jealous because parasailing is definitely on my MUST list!

  3. Thanks Brianna! You HAVE to go parasailing…it is so peaceful and relaxing…and you can see everything. Something I would totally do again:)