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Happy Friday + One Thing I Can't Live Without

8:54:00 AM

Hooray for Friday! I am pretty excited because the high temperature here in SoDak is 55 degrees!! Total sweater weather, I am loving it. Continuing on with #Blogtober14, the prompt today is one thing you can't live without. I struggled with this because I feel like there is not one specific thing I can't live without. I also feel like this probably changes depending on the stage of life I am in. So, right now, I am starting a business, reading a ton of books when I can, taking pictures of everything, and drinking coffee. And then I realized….I can't live without my camera. There is something about taking pictures and capturing memories and fun times that I love. My mom was so good about taking pictures of everything and I love looking at old pictures and remembering everything. This blog is also kind of like a big scrapbook, a place I can post all those meaningless photos like me holding my camera…because who doesn't love that….right? ;)

Have a good weekend friends!!

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  1. these pics are too cute! Pictures bring us so many memories!

  2. they do! i always love looking at pictures on people's blogs…so fun to see others' experiences.