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Happy Halloween + Big Announcement

8:14:00 AM

Happy Halloween friends!! Any spooky Halloween plans? My plans involve handing out candy and drinking some cherry wine slush stuff. Don't worry I will share a picture, and a recipe.

If you've all followed my blog for awhile you probably know that I love the holidays. It's seriously the best time of the year. I knew I wanted to do something to get all us bloggers together, that's when Ash from The Grits Blog and I came up with the "25 Days of Blog Christmas!"

From December 1st to December 25th we will be hosting a spectacular link-up that involves everything from DIY projects to Christmas gift-guides. One thing we tried to do is make the topic list really hands-on so everyone can get into the spirit of the holidays, but also help you get ready for the holidays!

I was going to give you the full list to topics but there has to be some anticipation right? I hope you will all join us…we are so excited! 

On another note, I must extend a thanks to Helene and Tay for hosting #Blogtober14. I have participated and it has been wonderful for my blog. I have met so many awesome new bloggers and have added SO many blogs to my blog roll it's crazy! It's been SO fun and a lot of work…so thanks Helene and Tay for your time!

Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween!!

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  1. How exciting!!! Can't wait to see the list! :)

  2. Well that sounds fun! thanks for participating in Blogtober!

  3. awesome!!!

    i am so glad I found your blog the other day,through blogtober!

  4. olga_lostindaydreamsNovember 2, 2014 at 5:25 AM

    Amazing!! I love Christmas! I hope you will visit my blog!