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I wouldn't necessarily say I am 100% superstitious, but there are definitely some things that I believe in that are probably borderline silly and completely superstitious.

1. What goes around comes around. I truly believe this; I try not to put myself in situations that are toxic because I don't want to become "that person" and I try to hold myself to a certain standard all the time because who knows when it could come bite me in the butt.

2. Find a penny pick it up the rest of the day you'll have good luck. The problem with this is that if you find a penny and it's tails…you'll have bad luck. This happens too often; so instead of picking it up I flip it over to heads so the next person will at least have some luck.

3. I used to not walk under ladders, but one time I did, and nothing happened. I still try to avoid this at all costs (more in case the ladder falls on my head), you never know when you could have bad luck.

4. I only open the umbrella outside…if you open it outside, your screwed.

5. Never tell anyone what your wish is…I hate when people ask me what I wished for…um it won't come true if I tell you!

Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?

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  1. That's so cute about the penny - flipping it over so someone else can get some good luck, I'm going to start doing that when I see one on tails, if It's showing head it mine though! ;)

  2. Oh yes! I am the exact same way when it comes to umbrella - open them outside is a must!


  3. I'm the same with the pennies

  4. Yes! It seems as though we were all taught about the luck picking up a penny brings:)

  5. My family is terrible about asking me what my wish is/was…no way I'm telling!

  6. Ha…plus, it is a terrible challenge getting it out the door if you opened it in the house!

  7. Yes! It makes me feel better if I do that…hopefully it makes someone else's day:)