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Dream Vacation

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Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is "your dream vacation." This came at the right time because I could totally use a vacation right about now. A few of my favorite bloggers are currently traveling (London, Paris, California, etc) and they have given me the travel bug (not the literal travel bug). I got to thinking about all the places I have traveled in the past (Alaska, Mexico, California...that's about it) and I realized that these vacations are definitely NOT my dream vacations. Something always goes wrong and someone always ends up crying. I know vacations aren't perfect but I think there are some ways to make it pretty darn close to perfection!

For my dream vacation…I would love to go to London, Paris, Rome, and Greece…a little tour around Europe; but only under certain pretenses:

1. Just me and my bf get to go; we get along well when traveling (for the most part), he is a no drama llama. And let's face it, family vacations usually end in a brawl, tears, screams, etc…so let's cut out the drama.

2. We have a general plan but just "go with the flow." I am a planner so naturally I would plan everything but I would love to just go with the flow on a trip for once and simply enjoy the experience.

3. I can sleep in however late I want too. I am not a person who sleeps in late to begin with, I am always up by 8:30, but if one day on the vacation I want to sleep in, then dangit I'm sleeping in.

4. It would be fun to rent a small apartment one week while on the trip; that way we can cook meals to save money but also have more of a life-in-Europe-experience.

5. We must send postcards! I love snail mail and although I will miss my family it will be nice to get away for a short time…and they can keep up with us through postcards!

6. Bf should allow us to buy new suitcases. I have always wanted to go backpacking across Europe…but for this dream vacation I want to leave the backpack behind and buy durable, colorful suitcases.

7. I should probably learn at least one language before going over there, or at least the basics. When we went to Mexico, I was a pro at saying, "May we have our check please, thank you, and hello," but that was the extent of it. It would be a lot easier knowing some basics to be able to communicate with the locals!

What's your dream vacation? Have you already been on a dream vacation?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. I've always wanted to do a big Europe trip but base in London and rent one of the little furnished service apartments and live "like a local" for a bit!!!

  2. Coming from Europe (Greece to be exact) I can assure you that it's beautiful! I wish your dream will come true!

  3. Europe is the best, my fave place to travel, you picked great spots!

  4. Wow, love the post, Tay! (Your name is awesome by the way!) Traveling is amazing and being able to see any place for the first time is a special moment. Thanks for sharing this post! I would also love to travel to Greece and Rome one day! What romantic places to go with someone you love too! Have a great day!

    <3 Amy J.

    P.s. If you every visit the east coast, definitely make sure to check out Annapolis, MD! It is a gem!


  5. Thanks Sienna! Ah I will definitely hop over to your blog to see some travel spots!

  6. No way!! Greece is beyond gorgeous!! My bf and I have wanted to go for years!! If we ever book a trip I will be coming to you for "must sees."

  7. Me too! They are so cute…Julia from the blog Gal Meets Glam i traveling in Europe and they rented an apartment in Paris and it was soooo cute.

  8. Thanks Amy!! I agree…I think so many of these places would be romantic! I would die if I could live on the east coast…it seriously has been a dream of mine and you can bet I will be checking out Annapolis:))