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In The Fall Spirits + 10 Things

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This weekend was full of all things fall. From the pumpkin patch to baking apple crisp to painting pumpkins, bf and I did a lot!

Hehe…mine's on the left.

I just bombarded you with pictures but we all know that pictures are very important when it comes to a blog post. I was thinking about when I started this blog, back in February, and how nervous I was. I didn't want my friends to know, or my family, or even my boyfriend. I was looking for a place where I could share my thoughts without there being any questions. I realize now that it doesn't matter, I love this blog, I love writing and sharing things, I need to share things…for my own sanity. I love that I have a creative outlet where I can go and get lost in a whole other world. I am definitely not a pro blogger but at this point there are some things that I would tell my little blogger self that would make things now a whole lot easier.

1. Patience. Have some freakin' patience…someone will eventually read your post and then another and then another. You need to have more patience.

2. Let's add more patience. When Monday's blog post only gets you 20 views just know that in a month  or two you will be doing way more than that. Remember you just started! Patience. 

3. Comment on every blog you can. And when you are done commenting, comment some more.

4. Don't try to be someone else, everyone has different blogs and they all bring something different to the table. Be your own person, and your own blogger.

5. Pictures are super important. Make sure you learn how to use a camera, what angles are best, what lighting to use, etc. Once you have taken your fabulous pictures blow them up on your blog as large as they will go for the whole blog world to see.

6. Read the big blogs. When I started off blogging, the only blogs I read were blogs with over one million page views. It's not that I didn't want to only read these ones, they were the only ones I found until I started digging. The big blogs became inspiration for me and they have made me keep my blog going this whole time. 

7. Find a routine. Get into a routine of posting, otherwise you won't be consistent. Having a schedule that allows for posting makes it that much easier for you to have consistent and good blog posts.

8. Social Media is important. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc. Use them, and constantly post material to them.

9. Build relationships with other bloggers. This can largely be done by commenting. I have the same blog roll every week and I add new blogs to that roll constantly. It is a lot of blogs to read and comment on but eventually you will build relationships with these people. Some might even be able to help you on your blog!

10. Keep blogging! Keep sharing things, keep finding new content, and keep loving your blog. 

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  1. Wow! Looks like y'all had such a fun, fall-filled weekend! I'm jealous, I'll admit it. :) And I never would've thought to paint the pumpkin stems gold! I LOVE IT! :) Thanks for sharing! Also, your advice to a beginner blogger is spot on. Visiting from the linkup!


  2. Thanks Brianna! I think one of my favorite fashion bloggers painted their pumpkins with a gold stem and pastel colors and I fell in love! Thanks for visiting, I will definitely have to stop over on your blog!